The Utopian dream


Pictures of the border line by Kinsee Morlan


Strange. I checked my email today and this YouTube video was sitting in my inbox. It’s from a dude named George who wants to start a Utopian society somewhere in Mexico.

Most people would just delete the email and think nothing of it, but I’ve always half jokingly talked about starting a commune, so the vaque little video caught my attention.

The closest I ever came to starting a commune was when I lived in downtown San Diego with seven other official roommates (and a flux of about four other unofficial roommates who’d sleep on our balcony).

We cooked with each other, split all the bills and partied in a cloud of Captain Morgan’s and philosophical debates. It was perfect, but we all grew up, eventually got kicked out and went our own ways.

When I moved to Tijuana, I initially wanted to find a cheap house and convince a handful of my friends to move down with me. With prices the way they are in Tijuana, I figured we could each end up paying less than $100 a month for rent and all our bills.

But instead I moved into a studio where I’ve paid $250 a month for the past year. It bought me a certain level of freedom from my capitalistic responsibilities and woes, but I still struggle. See, like a lot of people in their mid 20s, I’ve got student loans to payoff. My loan payments total about $250 a month.

The bills are like shackles. They keep me down in more ways than one — I can’t drop everything and travel around the world, I can’t take entrepreneurial risks and I sure as hell can’t go help my buddy George start a Utopian society in the jungles of Mexico. I’ve got bills to pay.

Damn my capitalistic upbringing.


About Kinsee Morlan

Arts and web editor at San Diego CityBeat. Interested in art and the Tijuana/San Diego border.
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