Making changes

Pictures of the border line by Kinsee Morlan

Cittac is a Tijuana-based organization that provides assistance and support for workers at  foreign-owned factories in Tijuana (aka Maquiladoras). Voz Alta is holding a fundraiser for Cittac tonight. Check it out:

Cittac Fundraiser
Come out and enjoy a night of food, poetry, music, movie & raffles!

Evento por Cittac

¡Disfruta una noche con cena, música, película, poesía y rifas!

[Versión en español: Ver abajo]


Cittac Fundraiser

With Performances by:

Areito Borincano


Maria Figueroa


Raffle Donations by:

Calaca Press

Arte y Loqueras


And more…

Voz Alta

1554 Broadway, 92101

Friday Jun 8th 5-11 pm

“Without my work you are not complete,

whitout my rights I am not complete.”

Come out and enjoy a night of food, poetry, music & raffles!

CITTAC is a non-governmental organization from Baja California, Mexico that promotes, publicizes, supports and accompanies workers’ struggles especially within the maquiladora industry. Cittac is also know for its organization of the Tijuana Maquiladora Tours and was involved in the making of the documentary titled “Maquilapolis” which will be shown at 5 pm.


About Kinsee Morlan

Arts and web editor at San Diego CityBeat. Interested in art and the Tijuana/San Diego border.
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