Creepy little cucarachas

So maybe this is a problem shared by many of my fellow Tijuaneses: I have cockroaches, tons of them. I woke up with one crawling across my arm a few mornings ago. I know, I know, its disgusting but I don’t know what to do. I tried the chemical approach, but I made the mistake of buying something at a Mexican market and realized when I got home that the directions were in Spanish. All I understood (thanks to the little pictures) was 1. open package 2. put little black thing somewhere near bugs and 3. close windows for a few hours then open windows.

I followed the stupid directions but the cockroaches are still creepily crawling out of every crack in my flat. What the hell can I do? In recent weeks, I’ve decided to learn to live with my little friends. When I catch sight of one now, if I feel compelled I’ll smash the little fucker until his brains squirt out off his tentacles. But if I’m feeling a little lonely, I’ll just let the little guy live…maybe I’ll chat him up a bit, ask how is day went, maybe ask him how he enjoyed the homemade black-bean casserole I left in my mini-fridge.

About Kinsee Morlan

Arts and web editor at San Diego CityBeat. Interested in art and the Tijuana/San Diego border.
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4 Responses to Creepy little cucarachas

  1. ursula says:

    getting a cat with good hunting insticts worked for me. my office is in the same building as the Belly Up Tavern. the building is old. actually, i think it’s WWII era quonset huts. we share a wall with the BUT’s baby bar, so, we have always had quite the problem with roaches & mice. well, a couple years ago, a feral kitten wandered into our office. we nursed her back to health and became quite smitten with her. she paid us back by catching all the mice & roaches for us. in that first year, i would sometimes come in the morning to find the remains of a poor cockroach that was her play toy the night before. but in the last 2 years i haven’t seen a thing. all the other suites in the buidling have to lay mouse/roach traps all the time, but not us. i suppose it’s a little cruel in a sense, but it is an all-natural and chemical-free option. good luck.

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  3. ejival says:

    Clean up well … like mop every day, put stuff over the drains or just stuff paper in them. Don’t leave food lying around. Buy roach motels … all of it helps … this is the summer of la cucaracha …

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