New art & music venue in Tijuana

That’s right. I was there last night hanging the first-ever art show at Espression Coffee House, a just-out-of-the-gate cafe owned by two young brothers who love three very important things: music, art and coffee.

This weekend is the official grand opening. Stop by and put a new coffee spot on your mental map.

*The cafe is located across the street from Costco in Zona Rio.   It’s on Sanchez Taboada…very easy to find.


About Kinsee Morlan

Arts and web editor at San Diego CityBeat. Interested in art and the Tijuana/San Diego border.
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5 Responses to New art & music venue in Tijuana

  1. moih says:

    Hello, I played that gig (Lux Post), I’m glad that people like you are blogging the happenings (and misshappenings) of this particular city.
    Hope to meet you in person soon!


  2. sylvia says:

    Hi there. I ran across your blog while googling images of the Tijuana border. I write for a telenovela translation blog (I know, stop snickering please) and want to do a post about my short trip to Ensenada and then across the border. I don’t have any good photos of the border and was wondering if I could use one or more of yours? They are fantastic. What would you get out of this? Nothing really, except believe it or not our blog gets about 700 hits a day; I would of course give your shots full credit and reference your blog site. It’s perfectly OK to say “no” but a “yes” would make my day.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog. Best of luck to you.

    Sylvia Seaberg
    Caray Caray recapper

  3. Yes, use any picture you want.

    And for you Moih, how was the show?

  4. I was able to take some photos at that event, they were for SEMANARIO CULTURAL BITACORA, I was working for that newspaper at the time.

  5. 1st photos at the beach and then Espression?! mmm…

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