Finally, Tijuana artists are easy to find!

ABC archive

I’ve been blognoring (ignoring my blog) lately, and for that, I am sorry. Above is a picture of the project I was talking about in my last post, the artist archive built by my neighbors Lucia Sanroman and Giacomo Castagnola with lots of help from Tijuana artist Tania Candiani and a few others whom I saw slaving away late into the night.

I had a chance to check out the archive at Entijuanarte two weeks ago and the opening of PERI_scope last week. Aside from being awesome looking, it’s an extremely helpful and much needed archive and website featuring Baja California artists and architects.

Full credit for the project and contact info is below:


Tania Candiani,Lucía Sanromán

Diseño y Construcción Módulo ABC
Giacomo Castagnola

Asistencia de Construcción
Fernando Becerra

Asistencia técnica
Marcos Ramírez “Erre”

Asistentes ABC
Cynthia Esquer

Coordinación sitio web
Emma Riqué (FGK)

Diseñadora sitio web
Martha Cárdenas (FGK)

Desarrollo web
Javier Guerra (FGK)

Agradecemos el apoyo decisivo de Telnor, Fundación Entijuanarte, y Fotográfika Publicidad como patrocinadores de este proyecto. La fase siguiente contará con el apoyo de la Escuela de Artes de la UABC, y el ICBC.

Información y contacto:


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