Harris fire nears Tecate

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I just heard a report that the Tecate border crossing has been closed due to the still out-of-control Harris fire burning in the Potrero area.

I’m worried that all the attention will be on the Witch fire burning in North County and Ramona — will Mexico be forgotten? The Border Angels are collecting donations for all evacuees:


M.A.P.A. , Border Angels, Chicano Park, AFSC, Gente Unida, House of
Mexico and more join forces to collect blankets, food, water, canned
goods, clothes, tents, sleeping bags etc for all those suffering because
of the terrible fires on both sides of the border. Tecate, East County
San Diego, North County, San Ysidro, South Coutny, the canyon areas….
all need your help. Please bring donations to CHICANO PARK. (5 Freeway,
Cesar Chavez Exit) look for kiosk under the Coronado bridge in the heart
of Chicano Park.

“We need to be proactive now”, states Greg Morales of M.A.P.A. who will
man the Kiosk for the first 36 hours. “We all need to join forces and
help our brethren” states Enrique Morones.

For more info: (619) 269-7865 Enrique Morones or (619) 300-6570 Greg


About Kinsee Morlan

Arts and web editor at San Diego CityBeat. Interested in art and the Tijuana/San Diego border.
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4 Responses to Harris fire nears Tecate

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  2. Olivia Aguirre says:

    Kinsee, gracias por tu interes en invitar a la comunidad a ayudar. Fui testigo de lo que sucedio en el Barrio Logan, habia algunos adolescentes que estuvieron apoyando. Platique con una de ellas que me dijo que no podia quedarse en su casa sabiendo que habia tanta gente necesitada que no estaba siendo atendida. Hubo voluntarios anglosajones resguardando a los de origen Latino pues se temia que llegaran los Minute men.
    Me molesto mucho saber que una reportera publico el sito donde se encontraban los campesinos migrantes, como si ya no tuvieran bastante con estar en riesgo de quemarse. Creo que esa periodista no entiende lo que es la compasion ni la etica.

  3. Gregory says:

    Thank you all – those of you who helped during the fires and those who help every day; but the fires of injustice towards, and exclusion of, those who suffered… still burns on in San Diego City and County.

    As long as unequal levels of suffrage exists in our mutual society — so too will the problematic conditions of fear, bigotry, and oppression. These social maladies can be overcome; these social maladies will be overcome – poco a poco…, poco a poco.

    We have been very busy, or we would have thought to post this before today. Again, Thank You All for supporting each other and allowing us to be part of your efforts.

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