An unexpected meeting

“Crusin’ the VeeDub” by Kinsee Morlan

Every Friday night when I drive by the Costco in Tijuana (yes, there are Costcos in TJ) I see a line of Volkswagens in the southeast corner of the parking lot. Kids weave through parked vans and bugs while the adults form small circles, chatting and laughing and occasionally snapping a photo of a the cars.

My curiosity was killing me last week so I finally stopped and snapped a few photos of my own. It turns out the group is the official Tijuana Volkswagen Meetup, and they congregate every Friday night. Sometimes they plan group drives to Ensenada or Mexicali, but mostly they just meet at Costco.

How cool, I thought, as I pulled out of the lot in my Honda Civic. I love when people join together under such superficial auspices. I often wish I were part of some group like the Volkswagen Meetup, but I’m such an ADD-inflicted nut that I can never seem to pay enough attention to any one thing.

In high school, I noticed that all my friends had some sort of weird collection — one collected frog things, another collected those stupid Special Moments figurines — so I haphazardly started a collection of my own.

Roses, I thought, would make an excellent grouping of things in which to display on my bookcase. Not just real roses, you see, I was going to collect rose posters, stickers, figurines and so on and so forth.

The collection made it through two birthdays before I decided it was faux pas.

I didn’t attempt to collect anything or belong to any particular group for that matter, until I reached my last year of college. A few schoolmates and I decided to start a women’s beading group, in which we would get together to drink and bead things like necklaces or bracelets.

That group met up twice, then fizzled out.

Now I find myself again looking for some thing I can either collect or make people unite around. I need some sort of strange obsession.

I ride my bike, and that’s super hip right now, but the trend hasn’t made it’s way south of the border. I have a guitar, too, but learning how to play it seems like such a lonely pursuit. I listen to This American Life every spare moment of my day, but I don’t know if a TAL meetup group would feel right since the show is sorta all about personal growth.

I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just continue being the observational outsider.


About Kinsee Morlan

Arts and web editor at San Diego CityBeat. Interested in art and the Tijuana/San Diego border.
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8 Responses to An unexpected meeting

  1. Colin Leath says:

    Primitive Skills? Permaculture? Meditation / Thich Nhat Hanh (he’s got some Mexican fans)? anything but the cars! peace-colin

  2. Derrik says:

    I collect wooden lucha libre posters. I scour Tijuana on Friday evenings, ripping them off telephone polls as inconspicuously as possible. The matches at the auditorio start at 8:30, so I always wait ’til after that so that I’m not stealing but merely removing trash that would be otherwise be bound for the dump. Then I shove them in the backseat of my car and speed off like there’s no tomorrow.

    I have three which are about six feet tall, and two others that are three feet tall. I love them for their neon. And for their comic bookish charm.

    The border agents always have something interesting to say when I cross back into the U.S. with giant planks of wood or particleboard in the back. I usually tell them I won them at a church raffle.

    Jorge says one day I will be a very important collector of Mexican folk art. I don’t know about that. What do you think?

  3. Fred says:

    Collect people.

    Sure, some of them might move away or even die, but in the long run it’s only what we have inside our heads, our relationships, and our reputations that we truly own and keep. Knick knacks are for children and grandmothers.

    So, use knick knacks to meet the children and grandmothers of the neighborhood so you can collect THEM into your life. This will also improve your Spanish, because they’ll be patient enough to talk with you. The grannies will feed you too, so be sure to collect their recipes, thereby giving them the biggest possible compliment.

    Collect the rules of the neighborhood kids’ games. Maybe teach them the rules of your own childhood games.

    As always, you have my best wishes and admiration. I look forward to reading this blog. So let me assure you that you have already amassed one collection…of fans.


  4. It's Frank says:

    Hi, Kinsee. I suggest you collect thoughts. In this, your ADD can be advantageous. Just think, let your mind flow, and then collect the best ruminations. Then share them here, so we can be privy to them.

    I guess you already do that, hmm? Well, I certainly enjoy your collection. Keep it (and you) growing.

  5. Eric Wolff says:

    I collect books. Books are good.

  6. Colin Leath says:

    I found some cyclists!

    Paseo ciclista para promover espacios seguros para la bicicleta en Tijuana.

    Paseo pro-ciclopista Tijuana

  7. mja says:

    you do have meetups. they’re called art shows.

  8. Kyle says:

    I used to collect CDs and music… and now there never seems to be any time. So I collect band art and random things about surfing, Hawaii, and various cultural renderings of “the olden days.”

    I like your blog, by the way. And especially the way you brave the scary things happening in TJ. Much kudos to your courage.

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