Pictures from down south

“Waiting in Red” by Kinsee Morlan

More visuals for those of you too scared to drive down to Tijuana these days. Just a few quick words: Tijuana is wonderful. Stop being a baby. Nobody’s going to kidnap you. Nobody’s going to shoot you. The cops may ask for money but all you have to do is say no.

There. On to the photos:


About Kinsee Morlan

Arts and web editor at San Diego CityBeat. Interested in art and the Tijuana/San Diego border.
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9 Responses to Pictures from down south

  1. Julio Sueco says:

    Cool set. Tienes ojo pa’ estas madres compa.

  2. Hi Kinsee,

    The link from CityBeat’s blog page to your blog is part of the problem:

    “CityBeat staffer Kinsee Morlan lives in Tijuana and has thus far survived to tell the tales.”

    See the implication?

    “Tijuana is SO dangerous”

    As if the fact that you are American and Female puts you at horrible risk…far above and beyond the risk faced anywhere in San Diego, and somehow far more to be admired than the actual citizens of Mexico who live in Tijuana their whole lives and could never scamper across the border in the event of a true emergency.

    Maybe you could ask the editors to change this blurb. It’s cute, sure, but it’s also asinine.

    As you know, Tijuana is nowhere near as frightening as most gringos make out. I’ve never had a problem in Mexico, and feel more nervous in downtown San Diego than in downtown Tijuana.

    It may be a small thing, but I think you’ll agree that you are not only surviving in the city to our south, but are thriving there. The link could perhaps reflect this.



  3. Julio Sueco says:

    Yes, and while you are it, why don’t you question the fact that you speak English as well. Being linguistically colonized might have something to with it too, sabes?

  4. estoy aprendiendo espanol, dude. I take Spanish lessons every Sunday night and I’m conversational, but not fluent. And I have no idea where that sentence about me surviving Tijuana is. I don’t see it on CityBeat’s blog. Point it out and I’ll have it removed.

    Thanks for being on it, boys.

  5. juliosueco says:

    erhm, I was just adding sarcasm to the previous comment. No offense, off course, just wanted to highlight the overzealousness. Or was that that extra Absolut V I had before I read that bit … 🙂

  6. BSL says:

    Hey cool pics.. what type of camera and lens do you use? Interesting to here your perspectives of Tijuana and the daily interactions that are sometimes simple in SD and seem to be like a maze in TJ for a non-local

  7. cleo says:

    Beautiful pictures, and I see your point that the likelihood of being murdered or kidnapped is virtually nil for visitors who take care to stay out of harm’s way. Yet please don’t ignore the fact that there is crime here, and many families in Tijuana have endured unspeakable tragedies at the hands of organized crime.

  8. Colin says:

    My friends client was just kidnapped in mexicali. My freind is mexican and he won’t set foot in TJ. Stay safe down there girlfriend..

  9. lagringaadventurera says:

    I just can’t believe that people are really that freaked out about tj or Mexico in general, this blows my mind. I feel safer in tj than I do in downtown san diego, I did an internet search of sex offenders near my workplace in hillcrest and there are like over 800 within a mile or so.

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