Again. Really?

This time, the Reader‘s cover story isn’t about violence in Tijuana, it’s about drugs.  There are no official stats in the story, just a book and an author who assumes tons and tons of people are crossing the border to buy pentobarbital, a drug used to commit suicide.

The journalist did go to two pharmacies, so it must be a trend worth writing about, right?


About Kinsee Morlan

Arts and web editor at San Diego CityBeat. Interested in art and the Tijuana/San Diego border.
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2 Responses to Again. Really?

  1. Rene says:

    such great reporting

    what’s next? it could be that their great jurnalists might find out that the zonkeys are actually donkeys with painted stripes!!!! Oh My

  2. Alex says:

    I almost laughed when I saw the Reader today. Two blatant anti-Tijuana articles in less than the space of a month.

    They picked the story off the NY Times, I caught the story about 2 weeks ago:

    Even the times article is sketch.

    I have to say though that I will keep on reading the reader for their only saving grace – Ed Bedford for the Tin Fork restaurant review. He had a great article on a local restaurant that specializes in Birria de Chivo – which interestingly has an outlet in TJ.

    PS Dont forget to vote on the reader homepage poll on whether you ever travel to Mexico. lol

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