Last ride to Ensenada

Bummer.  The last-ever Rosarito Ensenada 50-mile bike ride is happening Saturday, Sept. 27.  No word yet on why organizers are stopping the super-duper popular event, but I’m trying to contact them now.

UPDATE: According to organizers, “The Rosarito Ensenada 50 Mile Fun Bicycle Rideâ has enjoyed a history
spanning almost 30 years and has been an icon among cycling events around the world. But the decrease in Baja tourism has reduced attendance to about 5,000 riders: our financial break-even point.”

That sucks.  Come on white people, come back to Baja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   You know what the problem is, the Tijuana Tourism Board and the Mexican Tourism Board are stuck in 1950.  They rely on stupid radio advertisements and don’t do any good online stuff. Their websites suck, too.


About Kinsee Morlan

Arts and web editor at San Diego CityBeat. Interested in art and the Tijuana/San Diego border.
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5 Responses to Last ride to Ensenada

  1. Todd says:

    The reason that you are limited to 5000 riders has nothing to do with the Baja tourism board. People are afraid to come to Baja, the country is in the midst of a major drug war and it’s not safe. It’s unfortunate (I happen to love Baja and its surf), but it’s a reality.

  2. Um, I wish you would read more of the blog. Things aren’t as bad as they seem down there and the tourism board needs to face the rumors head-on and get scaredy cats like you to get over your silly fears. If you come down armed with knowledge about how to handle yourself in Mexico, you’ll be fine.

  3. dan says:

    hello;yes it is true that baja like the rest of mexico is in the middle of major drug is to be reminded to everyone that these wars are mostly against themselves(rival cartels)also against the multitude of crooked cops and politicians who offered protection to these scum.for the first time in memory the mexican government is going all out to wipe out these cartels and everyone asociated with me when i say that riding this Bike ride is safer then If I were to be in DOWNTOWN WATTS OR COMPTON in LA.lIKE SOMEONE BEFOE SAID ….if your are in the business… are a target…

  4. Nabi says:

    Kinsey, shame on you. You shouldn’t be calling people names for reacting to valid concerns. I know all of Latin America and have cumulatively spent years in Mexico. It’s getting progressively worse all over, primarily due to drugs and population pressures. Some people won’t acknowledge the obvious until they have a bad personal experience. One friend of mine, for example, despite my expostulations (which he ridiculed in manner similar to yours) insisted Columbia was okay until, about 2 years ago he was stabbed on a bus (two other passengers were murdered.) The only reason he wasn’t killed is because the person stabbing him was a relatively ‘inexperienced’ teen.

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