Festival de la Ciudad en Tijuana

El Cubo

El Cubo

The Festival de la Ciudad is kicking off this weekend, Sept. 23 through Sept. 28.  There’s tons of stuff going on, including the grand opening of El Tunel and an opening at Lui Velazquez.  Below is more info on the public celebration of El Cubo, the new exhibition space at CECUT.

This weekend, Tijuana’s Renowned Cultural Center (CECUT) will open new, US$9 million dollar exhibit showrooms (“El Cubo”) with two internationally acclaimed exhibitions: “Buddah Guanyin – Treasures of Compassion”, featuring over 150 masterpieces from China’s Capital and Ping Zhou Museums; and “Tijuana Civic Project”, a multimedia display featuring 18 Mexican and international artists’ view of Tijuana’s civic challenges.

Tijuana, Baja California, September 22, 2008 – On Saturday, September 27th, Mexico’s second most-visited cultural center, the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT), will formally open one of the San Diego-Tijuana region’s largest new art exhibition spaces – a 16,150 square foot expansion of the existing cultural center, nicknamed “El Cubo” – with two major international exhibits. After its three-year, US$9 million construction, El Cubo offers three showrooms designed to international quality standards for lighting, security, and environmental controls. As Teresa Vicencio, Director of CECUT, explains, “Our Center has already become one of the leading art and cultural institutions for visitors from not just Mexico, but from throughout Southern California. The El Cubo expansion and new exhibition space will allow CECUT to continue our showcasing of international masterpieces, arts and cultural works for the public on both sides of our dynamic and multicultural border community.”


An impressive example of El Cubo’s international potential can be seen in the gathering of more than 150 specially-selected pieces for the China-Mexico exhibition of Buddha Guanyin Treasures of Compassion. This show – seen only in Mexico City and Monterrey previously – reflects a unique collaboration between two leading Chinese institutions (the China Capital Museum and the Ping Zhou Museum), and Mexico’s National Council of Culture and Arts, and INAH (Mexico’s Institute of Anthropology and History). Fourteen major sculptures, and a myriad of ceramics, porcelain, textiles and silk paintings, introduce visitors to Guanyin – a venerated figure in Chinese Buddhism, and the “Goddess of Mercy and Compassion” – while also providing historic insights into Buddhism and China.

Appearing at the same time, the Tijuana Civic Project features the multimedia works of 18 international and regional artists from Tijuana, Mexico City, Israel, Belgium and the United States, critically addressing Tijuana’s political, social and civic challenges and crises. Exhibitions include video, video installations, sculpture, painting, drawing and works in textile employing parody, simulation, appropriation and direct action. Looking critically at the second-largest city on the Pacific Coast of North America, these artists help raise Tijuana’s issues in ways that will resonate in individuals, cities, and nations throughout the globe.

The inaugural press event for El Cubo will take place at 5:00pm, on Saturday, September 27th, at the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT). Tickets for the public to each exhibit cost only 20-pesos (around US$2.00) each, although this Sunday, September 28th, a special rate of only 25-pesos for both (approximately US$2.50) will apply. Visitors to CECUT’s El Cubo can drive into Tijuana; or park at San Ysidro and walk, take Mexicoach buses, or use taxi services just steps across the US-Mexico Border. The Tijuana Convention and Visitors Bureau and U.S. Border Authorities remind visitors to Tijuana to bring a copy of their birth certificate plus a driver’s license, or a passport, to ease northbound border inspections.

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For more information, contact the Tijuana Convention & Visitors Bureau toll free from the U.S. at 1-888-775-2417, or visit their website www.TijuanaOnline.org .


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  1. caroline says:

    Sort of a drag that El Cubo and El Tunel are launching on the same weekend.

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