Tijuana tequila expo

At Hussongs in Ensenada, the legendary birthplace of the margarita.

At Hussong's in Ensenada, the legendary birthplace of the margarita.

Now that I’ve got the talk of violence out of the way, it’s time to move on to more important things like the Tequila Expo going on along Revolucion Avenue.   It opened last week and runs through this Sunday.  More info below the break.


From Sunday, October 12th through Sunday, October 19th, the 8th Annual “Expo Tequila” will take place on Tijuana’s tourist-friendly Avenida Revolucion in a public celebration of Mexico’s national beverage. Visitors can enjoy over 350 types of tequila, live music, and tequila-tasting lessons with experts in the industry – while enjoying food and mariachi music.

Tijuana, Baja California, October 13, 2008 – Thousands of tequila lovers are converging this week on Tijuana’s historic Revolution Avenue to enjoy more than 350 tequilas from 45 of Mexico’s best tequila companies, during the 8th Annual Expo Tequila event. In a closed-off and pedestrian-safe area in the heart Tijuana’s tourist district, more than 15,000 visitors are expected to attend this one-week celebration of Mexico’s native spirit and national beverage – tequila. In fact, at least five companies will be launching their new creations at this major industry show, reflecting its importance as the largest tequila expo in Mexico.

“Tequila fans and new converts alike can come to the Expo and enjoy a broad selection of traditional tequilas, and new drinks,” comments Javier Lechuga Leal, Director of Expo Tequila. “Having the Expo Tequila here on Avenida Revolucion means not only 100% blue agave drinks, but a 100% Mexican experience for friends and families, too, right by Southern California.”


Well-known brands like Herradura and Cazadores, as well as new entries, like the Señor Frogs Tequila, will be part of the Expo this year. And, while tequila is the main attraction, other Mexican spirits like mezcal, Sotol, Bacanora and coffee liquors will be also available for those that want to explore these other exciting tastes. In addition, tequila experts will be giving taste lesson to learn how to distinguish tequilas by their color, smell, and flavor.

Each day, in addition to sampling hundreds of tequilas, participants can enjoy mariachi music, food from dozens of Baja California’s finest restaurants, giveaways and promotional items, karaoke contests, and a closing ceremony on October 19th that will include a raffle prize of a 3-day “Tequila Getaway” trip to Tequila, Jalisco. Throughout the week, visitors can also buy bottles of tequila at prices directly from the manufacturers – quite a savings!

Expo Tequila 2008 is a public event, open to all ages (although minors must be accompanied by an adult, and alcoholic beverage consumption is limited to those 18 and older under Mexican law). Admission is 60 pesos (around $6 dollars) and this includes unlimited tasting. Visitors to Expo Tequila coming from the United States may call about free transportation provided for the event sponsors via Five Star Tours [(619) 232-5040] with pick up locations in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Visitors can also park at San Ysidro and walk; take Mexicoach buses; or use taxi services just steps across the US-Mexico Border. The Tijuana Convention and Visitors Bureau and U.S. Border Authorities remind visitors to Tijuana to bring a copy of their birth certificate plus a driver’s license, or a passport, to ease northbound border inspections.

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For more information, contact the Tijuana Convention & Visitors Bureau toll free from the U.S. at 1-888-775-2417, or visit their website www.TijuanaOnline.org . Also, contact Expo Tequila at expotequila2008@hotmail.com or www.expo-tequila.com


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2 Responses to Tijuana tequila expo

  1. chrissy says:

    I came across the expo yesterday. I had no idea it would be there (just thought I’d go to Tijuana to grab a couple bottles of tequila in the market). Ended up sampling about 20 of the tequilas & brought home 4 bottles. I hope I can make it again next year.

  2. The 2009 Tequila Festival and Expo is returning to Tijuana, BC MX on October 16th thru 18th, 2009 at Ave. Revolution. The festival is an exciting and culturally intense event because its main focus is on educating visitors on tasting and sorting out the many different types of Tequila in Mexico.

    Five Star Tours is providing a one of a kind tour to the annual Tequila Expo in Tijuana,MX. The Tequila Expo is an event where participants will have the opportunity to taste and savor over 100 different Tequilas from different parts of Mexico. You will also learn how to distinguish by taste, smell and color what makes very good Tequila. You can also buy and import** all Tequilas on sight for you to enjoy at your home or wherever it may lead. The Tequila Expo Tour will be one of the best tours you’ll ever take this side of the border.

    Upon boarding a Tequila expert will teach you the history of Tequila and how to be able to distinguish certain Tequilas by different factors. We also have an opportunity to taste Tequila on board the bus! The Tequila expert will give the best tips on how to find Tequila bargains.

    We will cross the border and proceed to the Expo. There you will go leisurely to taste, sample, learn & buy the Tequilas of your choice. Remember it is UNLIMITED Tequila Tasting at its finest!

    Also, you will have free time to do shopping & have lunch at your own leisure (lunch is not included).

    ** – If a California resident (over 21 years of age) returns from Mexico as a pedestrian or in a vehicle other than a common carrier then the alcohol limit is one-liter, which is the “duty-free” amount allowed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. For more legal information on importing Tequilas go to http://www.abc.ca.gov/permits/importing.html


    Adults(18+): $ 39.00


    Round Trip transportation to Festival
    2 shots of Tequila on board our bus.
    *Costs do not include driver’s or
    waiter’s tips, 18 to 20 year olds must have a parent or legal guardian
    on the tour to be allowed in.

    October 16, 2009: Departure: 6pm and Return: 12am

    October 17, 2009: Departure: 3pm and Return: 8pm

    October 18, 2009: Departure: 1pm and Return: 6pm

    Departures from Downtown San Diego (Amtrak Train Station), 1050 Kettner Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

    For more information you can call us at 619 232 5040

    http://www.tequila-tours.com for tickets

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