Artista Ichiro Irie exhibe en La Casa Del Túnel: el Art Cente

On August 15, 2009 through September 12, 2009 (opening reception Aug. 15, 8:00 PM)

Los Angeles-based artist Ichiro Irie will show his work in the exhibit entitled “Destroy All Borders” (an artistic and political fantasy) at Tijuana’s La Casa Del Túnel: Art Center, located in the La Colonia Federal neighborhood 50 feet from the Mexico United States San Ysidro border crossing. This travelling show initially opened in Chihuahua April 2008. Subsequent shows were in Mexico City April 2009 and Guadalajara May 2009. The final destination for the exhibit is at La Casa Del Túnel: Art Center in Tijuana. Irie’s work has been shown around the world including Brazil, Germany, Warsaw, Yokohama, and in the United States: Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Claremont, and New York City among others.

Ichiro Irie was born in Tokyo in to a “traditional” Japanese family and came to the United States at the age of 2, growing up in Los Angeles. He received a one-year Fulbright Fellowship in 2001 and moved to Mexico City. At the end of that experience, he decided to stay and spent an additional four years, became fluent in Spanish and developed deep roots in Mexico City. He is the founder editor of the publication “RiM” which focuses on the Los Angeles and Mexico art community.

Irie is an educator, curator and artist. His body of work covers the artistic and cultural landscape. He refuses to be boxed in to any particular form of expression which provides him with unfettered freedom, the ability to insert humor, and have a clear-eyed sense of self. Irie stated that his life has interesting contradictions: being born in the Far East and living most of his life in the Far West. Much of his work entails the parallels of psychological and physical border frontiers.

In addition to the exhibit, on August 29, 2009, 8:00 PM, At La CDT ecoVerde Café, Ichiro will engage in a robust dialogue with an artist from Tijuana as they explore juxtaposed views. Interviews available upon request. LINKS: and links to the recent exhibitions in Guadalajara and Mexico City.



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Arts and web editor at San Diego CityBeat. Interested in art and the Tijuana/San Diego border.
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