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Leaving Tijuana: A wish list

UPDATE 7/28/09: Because I heart Tijuana, I’m going to continue posting emails I get about the city.  I won’t be producing any original content, but if you want to post Tijuana news, events or opinions, send me an email. I’m … Continue reading

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Tijuana children living in dumps

*LETTERS FROM COLONIA FAUSTO GONZALEZ at UNA San Diego, 2171 Pan American Plaza, Balboa Park. The San Diego Young Professionals for International Cooperation reads letters from the children living in the Tijuana trash dumps at this holiday fundraising event. See … Continue reading

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Tijuana Night @ Bluefoot Bar

The 4×4 experimental dance series at Bluefoot Bar & Lounge, 3404 30th St. in North park, continues next Tuesday, Dec. 9, at 8 p.m. with a night featuring Tijuanense dancers including Lux Boreal, Catelejo, Pendulo Cero, Beta Lab and others. … Continue reading

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Baja Vacations: Punta Banda

Punta Banda is a three-restaurant no-hotel kind of town. The main attraction is La Bufadora, a pseudo geyser in the ocean that’s really just a spurt of water caused by waves hitting underwater rocks.   My BF and I scoped out … Continue reading

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Baja vacations: La Fonda

Good God I feel lucky.  This past weekend was the longest, slowest, most relaxing weekend I’ve had in a long time. From horseback rides on the beach and fabulous home-cooked meals in a beautiful kitchen with an ocean view to … Continue reading

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Tecate tourism

The first thing you’ll notice about Tecate is the thick wheat smell in the air, which is pungent at first but becomes almost agreeable over time. The huge Tecate brewery is located right in the center of town, and if … Continue reading

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The water problem

Why the hell is it so hard for us gringos to catch on to this water thing in Mexico?  You can’t drink the tap water, and I’ve even been told not to cook with the tap water either.  We have … Continue reading

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The Donkey Show in Tijuana

The Donkey Show, to my knowledge, is probably something that happened a few times in Tijuana during its heyday, but has since stopped happening.  For those who don’t know, The Donkey Show is a live sex show between a donkey … Continue reading

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Lucha Libre Tijuana

Pay the extra money and get a seat in the front row.  General admission is $15, but it’s more than worth the $40 to be so close you flinch when the Mexican wrestlers get thrown against the flimsy steel gate … Continue reading

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Mummies in Tijuana

This sounds strange, but there are currently dead bodies on view at Tijuana’s former Jai Alai stadium, El Foro. Eighteen of the famous “Mummies of Guanajuato” are on view in Tijuana through Nov. 12.  I’ve heard the reason the mummies … Continue reading

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