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  1. Hugh says:

    who cares? !Viva United States! Los Estados Unidos son mas grande.

  2. ME says:

    I see what you say.
    The colors of Tijuana let you know imediately: You are not in the boring USA anymore.

  3. beam says:

    Nice racist coment, moron.

    Enjoy your 5 dollar a gallon gas, har har har.

  4. BajaGringo says:

    Really enjoy your blog. I have lived here for years and write as well. Glad to see you are able to see the “other” Tijuana that I see as well…

  5. anisa says:

    great photo!

  6. boxtop says:

    i applaud you for sticking it out down there. i’d like to come down and meet up with my friend Shane who lives around Rosarito.

  7. John says:

    I am seriously considering moving to Tijuana next January, but I have heard about the violence there and that concerns me. My friend tells me there are nice and safe places to live, a little out of town. TJ doesn’t impress me at all but living near the states sounds goodl. Are there truely nice and safe places to live outside TJ? My only other choices is either Panama or Costa Rica but it costs a lot to move to either country. I could really use your advice on this.

  8. Nabi says:

    Costa Rica is a very safe place, John. After a few days you might get bored in Panama. Lots of people like Belize (they speak English) but there are sand bugs all along that coast. As far as Baja goes, you would be better off quite a bit further south–at least 100 muiles from the border. The best of Baja starts at about the halfway mark. San Ignacio is a a beautiful tiny town. Many Americans have taken up residence in Mulege. La Paz, a small city, is like a miniature Barcelona. On the other side, about 70 miles from La Paz, you have Todos Santos with a large, arty North American enclave. The south is absolutely much less corrupted than the north.

  9. chefmex says:

    I ran into your site by mistake. Wow, I am glad to see another TJ lover. I live in Phoenix and Rosarito. Have had a love affair with TJ since I was a child. Keep safe and keep walking the streets.

  10. Luis says:

    I really enjoy the city, although I do tend to notice the consequences more. For us the move has been in the making for a long time. In the end, I am realizing that we have more in common than not.

    mucho love,

  11. cabo flipper says:

    it is 01/09. I have been back to TJ, Rosarito and Ensenada tremendous amounts of times…last was 3 weeks ago. TJ is slow, lots of police, rosarito has lots of military and ensenada is slow. crime the same it seems, still go alone to all three and no problems, more safer than before as there are more police…random shootings are going on but not near the toursit zones much at all. all killings are between the cartels, TJ on Revolution is safe, had dental work done and got 3k for 550 bucks, same stuff as the states, computer x-rays, everything was great. went to La Zona Rosa at night, slow and no probelms…stay on the main corridor and no porblems, the locals are hungry for the tourist dollar…on a side note i did get my ass severly beat up robbeed and knocked out for an hour by at the pool area around midnight three african americans, however it was at a casino at Stateline Nevada known as the Primm and it was after a snoop dogg concert with extra police and sureveiilance cameras, so you tell me how safe it is here in Amercia.,…and to boot the police and the security could not find or identify any of them! yeah its war zone in Noithern Baja but i have been there a lot the last 4 months, sometimes 2 weeks in a row I have gone alone ands it is dead slow, but saw no shoot outs, all this cartel stuff is away from the main drags and between the cartels…tourists in any country need to be wary….funny how i get my ass beat and robbed in a casino with tons of security and no one saw a thing.i go to the war zone of mexico and nothing happens. Oh and i got my leather jacket stolen at a local vegas strip cl;ub called the Spearmint Rhino and had to call the cops and at the last minute Management “found” my stoled jacket after 2 hours of aying it was not thjere….go to a mexican strip club and never had a problem…..go figure…i dont know…dont be an asshole, and treat everyone with respect. i have had mnore shit happen to me here in the states than when i lived in Cabo or been to TJ….so crime is everywhere however i wont go to South Central or Compton alone, lived in Long Beach ten years and know this white ass would not make it out alive…. it is probably moresafe to go and eat the lobster at Puerto Nuevo than ever….sure there is a chance somethiong might happen,..jusrt ask the Security at the Casino or at the Rhino strip club …I got my ass beat and robbed in vegas but nada in three years in Mexico…

  12. Jim Lane says:

    I wish I had found your blog earlier. Yours is a warm and kind voice. All of us who live or travel to Tijuana and points south end up having the same conversations you have had with the terminally ignorant and brain dead.

  13. Karl says:

    I lived in Zacatecas Mexico for 3 years, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Rosarito. I have crossed the borders on foot in El Paso and San Diego with no problems at all. I have road the bus in Mexico both across the country and in cities. I even rented an apartment from a state police officer in mexico with zero problems, in fact, I met some life long friends. I love Mexico, the people, food. Any big city in the USA is about equal to big cities in Mexico.

  14. nabile says:

    i moved to san jose california with my boyfriend 3 months ago and let me tell you something. I HATE IT OVER HERE!! you see i lived my whole life in tijuana baja california, “en la postal” to be exact. and well life has been very hard for me over here i had to start from 0 i dont know anyone, i’ve never been to this city so u can imagine how much of a change its been for me. Many people have a very bad image of tijuana yet alone people even pitty the people that live in tijuana and i have to say something. living in tijuana is the best! you see you get to know many diffrent people from many diffrent backgrounds its a city rich in culture, its colurful,its diffrent,its artistic,its creative, and over all its beautiful. i know that many people are concern about the violence in tijuana but if you really think about it violence is everywhere you go. not because you are in the U.S.A means that you are safer, not at all in tijuana you got the drug trafficers and the mugging but in the US you got the sexual predators, raptors, drugs, and much more. no city is safe. the people that are effected by the violence are the people that are involved in the violence themself. yes many innocent people have died because of that violence and its very unfortunate, but again violence is everywhere, when i was in tijuana i will get outrage to hear and see what tijuana has come too. tijuana is the home of many. many people come from tijuana from diffrent parts of the world and they settle here beacuase its a city next to the border. like they say is the city next to the doors to success. many people that live in tijuana are not even tijuanenses themselves they come from diffrent parts of the world. for example you got people that are coming from the south part of mexico states like michoacan, guadalajara, can cun, acapulco etc. and you also have the people that come from south america. nicaragua, el salvador, costa rica etc. and some of them, not all, bring there violence over here, they bring their problems. they are trying to escape from the violence and problems they might have going on, on their homeland. so its a domino effect or outbreak that realates to the violence in tijuana. also lets not forget that people that are cought in the USA are thrown to tijuana some of them are good people but some of them are involved in such things like gangs, drug traffacing, prostitution, and etc. so what i am trying to say that not all of the original tijuanenses are the ones that are cousing this problems its the people that are coming from other places and bring there problems with them. do i explain myself? like i mentioned i lived in tijuana my whole life and i have never encounter any type of violence. actually i loved living in tijuana its so much diffrent. i went to school in san diego my whole life so i was in between borders i got the good from both sides. in tijuana i made alot of friends that are sincere and beautiful and that are so warming. There is so much to see and explore in tijuana you got museums movie theaters sobreruedas ( swatmeet) parks, beaches, tourist from around the world so its a very interesting city the only thing that i myself see hectic about tijuana is the border. crossing that border is tough it takes alot of your time and energy away. i crossed the border everyday since i was born to go to school and i have seen it all. i crossed the border both walking and on car and it never got any easier but you get use to it and you learn to cope with it. and as well in the border its self you see alot of culture and meet interesting hardworking people. you see they put wide sceens tv’s on the border, and you hear an old man playing his violin, you see the people in a rush selling tamales and burritos. what i really miss about tijuana is the FOOD i think they got the greatest food i’ve ever tasted. the tacos now for me those are the real thing i love the tacos in tijuana. and i really am cravin some since i’ve been over here. the tacos over here are small they dont put aguacate on them the salsa are not spicy and the meat its scarce!! i hate the tacos over here not to metion flavorless. i miss the raspados naturales, the elotes, chicharones tamales the quesadillas. the fiestas the posadas everything. in conclusion tijuana is not as bad as the media and mediocre people potray it to be tijuana is beautiful and i am very proud of beeing tijuanense.

  15. Brenda says:

    hey nice to know you really like TJ huh 🙂
    i was searchin for info about the
    Donkey show hahaha but i guess theres no more..
    yeah so i live in Tijuana, it’s really
    sin city to me, but anyways in any city is the
    same shit, just the dif is that we tijuaneros
    dont really give a shit about anything hahahaha xD

    go to ” la sexta ” its also there in la revu..
    theres some bars i hang out there, kick ass bars ha
    theres ” chez ( at chez theres always live bands playin on fridays and saturdays)”, cuatro amigos, chips , dandys ..
    all teens go to those bars, also grownups ( cuatroamigos).. hope you visit la sexta someday

  16. BooZeR619 says:

    I’ve been living in San Diego almost all of my life. Moved from TJ when I was 5, we used to live in Lomas, in the La Mesa area in TJ. Most of my time is spent in La Cacho, were my parents established their business. Let me tell you, Tijuana has given my family the economic means to live well and for me to enjoy and experience things before my 18th birthday than most average joes experience in a lifetime. Despite having grown up like this, I’ve managed to stay with my feet on the ground, ears on the street, always into something. I partied with the same enthusiasm at Baby Rock (La Roca), Señor Frog’s (RIP), La Cantina, Balak than at a birthday party with friends in El Pipila, La Buenos Aires, La Postal, Otay modulos, Ruiz Cortines, La Liber alta & baja, Los Alamos, Zona Norte, La Panchovi, La Aleman, El Soler, Playas, Rosaro, ENS, Chicali. Believe me I’ve seen things and am enamored by the diversity, contrasts, humility and debauchery that Tijuana has to offer. Now that I’m a parent, I keep that debauchery part on the lowdown. Tijuana is diferent now from the TJ of my youth. Violence, crime, drugs and corruption have escalated to a new level. So those of us that are native or long time transplants in TJ have thicker skin and can find ways to make it…even if we’re just average joes, or in my case, average Joses.

  17. Jasen Metras says:

    I love Tijuana. I have been goint to TJ for over 22 years. I even lived there for 2 years back in the nineties. I met my x-wife and my current wife there. It could even be said my life began in Tijuana. My friends tell me to stay out of TJ but I pay them no mind! With all it’s faults Tijuana is a beautiful city with warm and friendly people.

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